« L’Observatoire Yi Jing de la Société »

Anchoring the reality of the hexagrams in society’s experience,
an original exploration, conceived by Gabriel Felley.

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune Continuation of the experiment ” Summoning Synchronicity “.

The experiment ” Summoning Synchronicity ” ended with the last question asked on December 21, 2022. All the participants expressed their desire to continue the experiment beyond the date fixed at the very beginning. The Yi Jing Observatory of the Society aims at perpetuating it. The process remains the same in principle, only some small operational changes are planned. In the context of the Book of Changes, this should not pose any particular problems.

The Yi Jing Observatory of Society opens its doors on January 4, 2023 to welcome the publication of Cyrille Javary’s new book, L’Esprit d’Enrichissement, co-authored with Dominique Escande and Kimli Fong Yan, published by Albin Michel.

The Yi Jing Observatory of Society will propose on the 4th of each month a new subject for reflection and consultation, a report will also be communicated monthly. It is also planned to add a blog on the site of the DJOHI Center and thus facilitate exchanges between participants.

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