« Summoning Synchronicity »

An experiment of collective use of the I Ching,
proposed by Professor Gabriel Felley, member of the Djohi Center

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune The aim of the experiment

To search for links of synchronicity when drawings of the I Ching, dealing with the same thematic of an interpersonal, archetypal nature, are carried out by different people without any particular connections. These drawings are carried out without these people consulting each other beforehand.

The underlying question is the following: are the hexagrams obtained in responses distributed according to the laws of statistics, the hexagrams are all equiprobable, or do they present a certain noticeable, deviation, we may call “resonance”, from this expected uniform distribution? If so, this “resonance” could be considered as the “imprint” of a “collective synchronicity”.

Presentation of the experiment (PDF file)

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune The opinion of the Djohi Center

Participate in this experiment and contribute to legitimize the authentic value of the I Ching by applying it to a new field of investigation with the prospect of supporting the crystallization of a new idea on the interactive nature of human consciousness!

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune Inscription

To register or for more information send an email to gabriel.felley@yintelligence.ch

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune Your draws

Each month, you are invited to enter your answers to the draw using the form below.

Participant instructions

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Your answers to the draw

For each line of the hexagram, please indicate a number between 6 and 9 using the drop-down menu (first line at the bottom)

Centre Djohi sapeque jaune The results

Please find below the monthly reports of the results of the experiment :

From April 2022, monthly reports will only be available in French. You can find theme at the bottom of this page.